Nature's Alternative Salt

We are proud to source our potassium salt
from ancient sea beds in North America.

We’re on a Mission

To help create great-tasting and
affordable food that enhances global
health and wellness.

Great Taste

Enjoy the salty taste you love and
let the true flavors come through.

Improved Nutrition

Improve the nutrient balance in your diet with
never before seen levels of sodium reduction
replaced with potassium, a necessary and underconsumed nutrient.

Easy and Affordable

Can generally be used in or on any food or
recipe as a one-to-one alternative to sodium salt.

For consumers, use Salt for Life® in recipes and to season foods in the same amount as regular table salt.
For industrial customers, use NuTek Salt generally as a one-to-one replacement for any regular salt that is replaced.

In the News

We have received significant trade and consumer media recognition...

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