Great Taste &
Improved Nutrition

Salt for Life® table salt. 75% less sodium vs regular salt. Replaced with Potassium a necessary nutrient.
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Nature's Alternative Salt

Salt for Life® | Great Taste, Improved Nutrition.
It tastes like salt, because IT IS SALT!... a proprietary blend of Potassium Salt from ancient sea beds in Canada and Sea Salt from the ocean waters off Brazil's northern coast. Salt for Life provides an unprecedented 75% less sodium than regular table salt, and replaces it with potassium, a necessary and often under-consumed nutrient. Available now in 8.3 oz (235g) and 15.2 oz (431g) bottles.

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Great Taste

like you enjoy in
sodium salt

Easy to Use

in the same way and
amount as sodium salt

75% Less Sodium

replaced with Potassium, a necessary and under-consumed nutrient

Potassium Chloride, Sea Salt, Rice Flour

Regular salt 590 mg sodium per 1/4 tsp;
Salt for Life® 140 mg sodium per 1/4 tsp.

Give your family great taste with 75% less sodium

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Available online in 15.2 oz (431g)
At a grocery retailer near you in 8.3 oz (235g)


Salt for Life® is salt you can feel good about.
#PracticeSafeSalt with Nature's Alternative Salt.


Enjoy delicious and nutritious everyday recipes developed by amazing chefs such as our own Chef Scott Keys,
who is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, as well as recipes from health-conscious cooks like you... all using Salt for Life®.

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